White Label Program

Get Your Own MLM System Branded To You and Your Team


If you are an established team and/or company who is looking for a solid MLM system that they want branded to them, then our White Label Program is what we recommend.

This program is designed to customize aspects of our MLM system to fit your team and/or company. Most of the people who approach us understand the amount of money and infrastructure to run a MLM system, so instead of "re-inventing the wheel," they leverage our systems by taking advantage of our White Label program.

Most of the time, the people who take advantage of this program have began researching contact management systems and have found that none of them really fit what we do in network marketing, since our business model is truly unique. They have found the same problems we found years and years ago.

In addition, when looking at systems within the network marketing industry, they'll find that they were built by people who have never built a network marketing business before (at least successfully).

If you are a leader in network marketing, you know who has built a business or who hasn't, so you probably have experience what we are discussing here.

So the next step is scheduling a Free Consultation with us, so we can determine what will be required to setup our system with your organization.

Free Consultation

To setup an appointment to discuss our White Label Program and how it will work for what you need, please fill out the form:

Did You Know?

We also have our regular MLM system which includes our CRM and Email system plus training courses that you and your downline can use right now and brand to you at a later date with our White Label program.

Background on Infrastructure

  • Dedicated server that hosts all of our applications (no other site/code on there to cause issues with ours).

  • Video and media files linked with Akamai CDN to ensure fast delivery of content worldwide.

  • Internal email server with ~96% deliverability rate.

  • Lead programmer and system administrator with background in financial markets systems. He's also a network marketer.

  • All code is 100% ours and custom to our application allowing us to make adjustments as needed.

Initial Setup

Our staff will setup everything necessary for a white labeled version of the system, including, but not limited to:

  • DNS setup of client's domain to work with white labeled system, such as http://my.clientdomain.com or www.clientdomain.com

  • Setup logo and all other necessary graphics and images.

  • Setup branded login page off of client's website.

  • Setup database tables to support the client's training requirements, including whatever courses from our training that are wanted.

  • Configure server and all database tables to support white labeled website.

  • Assist client in creating "Bootcamp" like PDF (initial training document) for his team.

  • Assist client in creating and formatting welcome videos and other relevant training documents.

  • Assist client in creating plan for phasing in future training courses and resources.

  • Setup all necessary automated welcome emails.

  • Assist client in branding materials.

  • Assist client in roll out of white labeled system (emails, promo videos, etc.)

  • All other details and necessary items needed to complete the initial setup.