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MLM Complete Package is a training, marketing, and contact management system built by MLM Distributors for MLM Distributors.
It's owned by Jason Wells and Chris Lopez. Both are MLM leaders and have been in the industry for over a decade. It's 100% owned and operated by MLM distributors not some company who knows absolutely nothing about building an MLM business.
It's difficult to explain what makes MLM Complete Package different in just a few sentences. We built the system almost a decade ago because our own MLM organization needed it. We were one of the pioneers in building a MLM business using the Internet. Our businesses quickly grew into international markets, which caused some "growing pains" for us. We looked for systems to use, but couldn't find any that were tailored to the MLM industry. So, we built our own.

The fact that we are 100% in control of every aspect of the system is something else that makes MLM Complete Package different. Whenever we need to make changes or updates, we can implement them immediately. Being in control gives one a higher quality product and service. Most importantly, it allows us to make changes and updates when needed.
Make sure you read the questions on this page to see if the answer to your question is already posted. We believe the best to get all your questions answered is to actually use and experience the MLM Complete Package system yourself. We compare it to taking a car for a test drive. You get to a point where need to “get behind the wheel.� We structured a 14 day free trial that will allow you to get access to the system and training resources.

Create a free trial account to experience the system. A person from our office will reach out to you to answer any questions as well!

If you need help with anything at all, please contact our office or submit a question on this page.
You will log into your account that you setup during the order process when you purchased the course or courses.

Login by going to the login page by clicking here and enter your email address and password you used to setup your account. If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it by clicking here.

If you need help with anything at all, please contact our office.
An access code is a unique number that is automatically generated every time a contact is added to the system. Access codes allow you to track what information, websites and resources that your contacts are looking at. You can view the contact's access code by looking at their contact record within the system. It's located below their phone number and email address within the contact detail video. Watch this video for specific step-by-step instructions.

An invitation code is a unique code that is tied to your account. The invitation code is similar to your MLM Distributor ID or an affiliate ID. Websites that incorporate the invitation code work like affiliate websites. Any person who visits the website using your invitation code link will be tagged to you. If they opt in, create an account, or purchase a product, you'll get notified and the person will appear in your system. Even if the person leaves the website and then comes back (up to 12 months later) the system knows that he is tagged to you!

To get your invitation code log into your account, click "Your Account" in the upper right > "Affiliate Account" on the left > Your invitation code is displayed. Watch this video for specific step-by-step instructions.

No, they are not. They are completely different. Make sure you're giving your prospect the correct one based on the website! If you're not sure what the website requires, either read the corresponding marketing method or go to the site and see if it says "enter access code" or "enter invitation code."
Yes, but not in the traditional sense. We believe in the idea of thanking people for referrals. H owever, we've seen many people's MLM business get hurt by using affiliate based MLM systems. Many people get fixated on selling the system to make more affiliate income, which takes the focus off of building the MLM business. This is good for system owner, but bad for the MLM distributor. Besides, a MLM residual income beats an affiliate income!

While we don't pay direct affiliate commissions, rather, we pay marketing credits. The marketing credits get banked in your account and you can use them for marketing related items in the system.
Yes, it is possible. Recently we released a white label option which allows you to essentially brand the system to you and your team. Our office will setup all the branding throughout the system, assist you in formatting your training videos and resources, uploading them to the system, and much more. This is a great way to have a system for you and your team, without having to spend six figures and time creating your own system from scratch or rely on a system from an "outsider" to the MLM business model.

The white label program is a potential fit for MLM distributors with a team. Explaining all the details in this FAQ is not practical. If you're interested, please contact our office for more details at (775) 298-1464.
MLM Complete Package is open to any MLM distibutor. Occasionally, we have a business and/or individual that is looking for a system, contact manager, CRM, etc. that is outside the network marketing industry. Our parent company owns a subsidiary company that runs a small business system for people outside the network marketing industry; if you are interested in that, please contact us at our MLM Complete Package office [(775) 298-1464] and we'll get you setup with that system through a different contact channel.
Step 1: Make sure you watch the MLM Complete Package Overview Video.

Step 2: Download and review the MLM CRM Training Manual.

Step 3: Read the The Complete Networker book for more details on incorporating our "business common sense" training into your MLM business.
We have a detailed training manual with instructional videos on how to use the contact manager. You can download it from your account by clicking "Training" off the "Guide" page > "Contact Manager" under "Resources" on the left hand menu.
Yes it will! It's our goal to make the contact manager fully functional from any device. You don't need any special app or program to access it. Access MLM Complete Package with your device's web browser. We don't recommend that you do the majority of your prospecting and business building from your smartphone because it's hard to "crank" and keep thorough notes on just a smartphone. Many people build their business with the system by using a tablet with keyboard.
There is no app for system. Use your device's web browser to access MLM Complete Package.
Anti Suit Entrepreneur is a book and website created by Chris Lopez and Jason Wells to promote entrepreneurship. It's a very powerful way to get a person thinking about entrepreneurship and then introducing network marketing and your business. Learn more by downloading the Anti Suit Entrepreneur Marketing Method by logging into your account > "Training" off the "Guide" page > "Anti Suit Entrepreneur" on the left hand menu under "Resources"
We rarely host live MLM training calls anymore. To better fit everyone's schedule and the trends of the Internet, we record and publish MLM training videos and podcasts so you can review the training when it's convenient for your schedule! We post our training videos to our YouTube channel at, our iTunes podcast channel, and FeedBurner podcast channel.

Please note that we upload the same MLM training video to the different websites. We do this so you can review the training in the format that works best for you. Most people prefer to subscribe to the podcast channels so the training videos automatically download to their computer/tablet/smartphone.

If you would like a training focused on a specific question you have or subject, post the question or subject on our Facebook page at and we'll do our best to incorporate it into our list of training topics for those podcasts and videos.
We wish would could provide one-on-one help to every member of MLM Complete Package, but that's simply not possible. Make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the Communication Training. as the majority of issues people have are with communication. Many of our training videos discuss particular prospecting scenarios. Use the search feature (click on the magnifying glass) at our YouTube channel.

If you want specific help for your business, then consider the MLM Coaching Groups, MLM One-On-One Coaching, or "Looking Over Our Shoulders" Group.
If you're wanting more help, guidance and support, then then consider the MLM Coaching Groups, MLM One-On-One Coaching, or "Looking Over Our Shoulders" Group. These are groups we created to offer different types of MLM mentorship.
Use the "I forgot my password".link off the login page. If you still have trouble, please contact our office at 775-298-1464.
You can upgrade or downgrade your account by logging into your account > "Your Account" in the upper right > "Manage Subscription" on the left hand menu.

Before you cancel your account, please make sure that it is what you want to do! Once your account is cancelled, all of the data and contacts you have in the system will be deleted within 30 days permanently for your security. If your canceling your account because it's not "working" for you, please get in touch with us first and we'll do our best to get the most out of the system. The system and training works, but only if you're putting in the time and effort.

To cancel your account please call us 775-298-1464. If no one is able to answer the phone, please leave a message with your name, email address and phone number.

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